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   Rakib Chowdhury

Number N/A
Height 6' 00''
Weight 160 lbs
Year 2021
Last School École Secondaire Saint-Laurent
Hometown QC


I started playing football for my high school team in the seventh grade at the age of thirteen. Since I first stepped on the field, I'm pursuing my dream to play in the States at the collegiate level. Football is my passion and is a great source of motivation. Today, I am still improving my skills and working hard every day to achieve this goal. I am a team leader and great role model, helping my teammates in their development if they are as serious as me in the game and wish to accomplish their objective. I aim to be one of the most persevering players in your team. In your program, I expect in return that it makes me the best I can be in my position, to better myself as a person and to become a more exemplary player to the athletes that I will be on the field with side by side. I want to go to a college where I can surpass my limits, go beyond my comfort zone and show my true potential on the field, while balancing the life of a student with my extracurricular athletic activities. Along with hardwork and perseverance, I hope to know if your program will help me achieve to be the best football player I can be. I am determined to put the maximum amount of work and effort in my studies and in your team. I devote my time to the game of football and most importantly, my education.