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   Anthony Di Primio

Height 5' 08''
Weight 155 lbs
Year 2019
Last School Saint Thomas High School
Hometown Montreal, Québec


Hey!! I'll start off by saying that I am extremely outgoing and full of energy and ambition... I mean you only got one life so I always try my best to be. I love being a leader and helping people and myself achieve their goals with smart strategies. -I've been running on a cross country team for 3 years now, starting in high school, where i also did soccer, track and drumline marching band with competitions for 5 years at Saint Thomas High School (2014-2019). -I am a AAA soccer referee for Soccer Quebec and my goal is to make it to National Grade and ref pro soccer. -I am also a parkour coach at Wimgym gymnastics and work at Home Depot... yea 3 jobs is kind of much...but whatever I enjoy it. -Oh and can't forget, I'm studying sciences right now and have plans to become...some sort of engineer...not sure yet I like cars/transportation and space. - On the side as a hobby and a little bit of a business when I have time I do photography, taking pictures of people, cars and nature mostly.